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Something is Missing in my Memory (Ghost)

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Something is Missing in my Memory (Refuge)

La Luz es mi Guia (Second Chapter)

La Gravedad supera a la Ficcion (El Efecto Mariposa)

La Luz es mi guia

Orange Rose and Rose Petals

I think that It's so easy to achieve peace! Why the brothers are in arms? I do not understand why?


I Love the Moon (Summer Night)

Barcelona, Peace, Love

Siempre lo prohibido...

Finis Terrae parte dos

Finis Terrae parte uno

Red Lighthouse

Memory in the Distance (Je te dis tout)


En Algun Lugar Persisten los Sueños

State of the WateR

At the end of Spring

Back to Bcn

The Bcn Dream

Dreams of freedom



onlY the Spring

Spring '017

I always Want to live in Spring

Bcn Images Fourteen (It's Always Spring)

Bcn Images Thirteen

Bcn Images Twelve

Bcn Images Eleven

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Las Almas Gemelas Siempre estan Entrelazadas

Isolation, Desolation

Bcn Night Colors

January 2017

Water in Peace

...Sin Adiós

Thirty Lights


life has a way?